I love rock ‘n’ roll, so pass me another cupcake baby!

So, a bit of background first: my dear friend and college roommate, Kristi Crow, is really into this fun band, Honor Society. They were the opening band for the Jonas Brothers on their last tour, and they’ve been hitting the road pretty hard with their own tour lately. The last stop is tonight in Birmingham, and coincidentally it’s the bass player’s birthday as well. So Kristi, being the sweetie that she is, ordered some rock-n-roll birthday cupcakes for the band. I think the fondant guitars and bass drum turned out pretty cute! I’m really happy with the how the starburst on the Les Paul turned out. And of course I had to give the birthday boy a sparkly (fondant) birthday candle next to his Fender J Bass. The most challenging part was probably those pesky guitar strings, made out of royal icing. But hey, those cupcakes sure do taste good, and that’s ultimately all the matters right? Right?

And thanks to Kamin for the beautiful picture!


2 thoughts on “I love rock ‘n’ roll, so pass me another cupcake baby!

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